The fully refundable deposit is in place to protect us as a small business. It is extremely rare that we have had to withhold part of a deposit, with 99% of people get their full deposit returned as soon as the mats have been checked back in. Reasons for withholding part of a deposit would include the following:
  • Missing yoga mats or other equipment hired (Yoga mats are £20 each to replace. Blocks are £10. Straps are £10. Meditation Cushions are £15. Blankets are £10)
  • Permanently damaged yoga mats or equipment eg. incense burns, torn mats etc. (See cost prices above)
  • Soiled yoga mats (a £1 per item cleaning fee would be charged)
  • Missed Delivery or Collection. (The courier company charges us if the delivery or collection can’t be made due to access issues or someone not being in when they turn up. Any extra charges payable will be deducted from the deposit.)


We require a minimum of seven days prior to the dispatch date to be informed of cancellation. If less notice than this is given, the rental charge will still be payable however the courier charge and deposit will be returned in full.
Please note that we cannot be held liable for non delivery by the courier company. Whilst we do our best to mitigate risk and deliver early where possible for no extra charge, once the mats are in the courier system, it is out of our control. The hire charge and courier charge are still payable in the event of a late delivery. It is critical that we are made aware at the end of the due delivery date if the package hasn’t arrived so that we still have time to solve the problem before your event.